We are used to making our clients dreams come true but extraordinary times have called for us to answer a more basic need for our clients.  Every day doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, delivery personnel and countless other essential workers make our lives better by confronting the COVID-19 virus on the frontlines and now it's our turn to do our part by "Flattening the Curve" and wearing a face covering or mask in public.  

At Delor Couture, we’ve been considering how we can help our community in this battle and determined that our talents at dressmaking can be repurposed as manufacturers of face masks for the public.  Every "Live Free Mask" that is purchased from us we will fund the donation of another mask for those on the front lines who need it.

We are converting our sewing studio in Rahway, NJ from making high fashion formal dresses to making these face masks. These are among the most-needed items for healthcare professionals and at-risk individuals. 

As a small business, we’re asking you, our community, to help fund our local small business to make this effort possible!

Please expect delivery within 5-7 business days.

Please have patience as our team works to get your mask made and deliveredColors and fabrics will change as we move through our existing supplies, so we cannot guarantee specific colors for orders at this time. 

If you would like to purchase in bulk or request a Donation, please reach out to us at:

This is a personal use item and cannot be returned. 

Standard discounts cannot be applied 

Delor Couture face masks are not devices intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and do not meet the definition of a medical device as set forth in section 201(h) of the FD&C Act. 

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