The Mask FAQ Page

How do I add a Filter?

Insert a filter material (see below for recommendations) inside of the mask. Place it over your nose and mouth and tie straps around your head so it fits snuggly. After use, dispose of the filter and wash your mask in hot water.

Do I need to use a Filter?

Yes. Cloth masks alone do not offer meaningful protection because of their large pore size. All surgical masks are made of paper-based filters which have far smaller holes to screen out bacteria and viruses and small particulates.

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What can I use as a Filter?

The best option is to use any kind HEPA filter. There was a study done in 2013 that showed vacuum bags are nearly as effective as surgical masks at screening out bacterial and viral aerosols.

A few of our suggested options are: Vacuum cleaner bag, air conditioner filters, air purifier filters. Even coffee filters and other similar papers can work in a pinch. The key is you can’t just do cloth alone.

Look for these materials at hardware stores near you or online for delivery.

We have partnered with a company called Think Crucial to help facilitate your search. Order directly from them. ORDER NOW

How do I make and insert a filter into the mask?

Once you have your filter material, cut the filter to shape. Roll it like to put one side in and flatten it inside. Make sure it goes edge to edge.

Remember to remove and dispose of the filter between uses.

How often can I use the filter?

Use it the filter once and then dispose of it. It’s kind of like toilet paper, would you use toilet paper more than once?

Is this an N95 mask?

No, these masks are not N95 masks. N95 respirators are in short supply. They need to be worn by people at the highest risk such as intensive care doctors or anesthesiologists.

Does this have a metal nose piece?

Yes!! This mask has a metal nose piece to improve fit, comfort and safety of the mask.  The metal nose piece form fits to the bridge of your nose and helps keep the mask in place as well as helps prevent your glasses from fogging up when wearing it.

When can I get one?

We are ramping production now and prioritizing deliveries to hospitals and others on the front lines. We are fulfilling orders to online customers beginning in May. Anyone can order via our website.

If you are an organization who would like to order in bulk, please send us an email on our bulk order page and we'll get back to you soon.

What size should I get?

Our masks come in three sizes to fit most everyone.  We have kids sizes for ages 5 and up and Medium and Large adult sizes. Additionally the masks have straps instead of loops that allow custom sizing and are specially designed to form fit to the face, nose and chin to improve fit and comfort. Finally, the metal nose piece is adjustable to fit to your nose and helps prevent slipping of the mask.